Por el Río del Tiempo

This exhibition is a compilation of experiences encountered during a period of time I spent as an artist in residence in México. Each work developed itself responding to different moods and moments suggesting sometimes my own habits and contradictions. In the process of making I don’t want art to simply function as way of making an image, I wanted art to be a way of thinking through an image. Art is for and of something…. A testimony of a life lived. 

In this new body of work, I am satisfying this longing through the sensuality of the material and posing questions of how these resources may be used. The physical aspect of these works and what they evoke generates a third stage of reconciliation of that seminal experience. 

This fascination to the poetics of experience has led me to create these works where the subject matter is recontextualized and disjointed by depicting experiences in sequence of optical moments. These images are recorded evidences of my own daily life; they recall memory fragments and suggests solutions through optical mesmerisation. This constant search for the quotidian sublime is a compilation of many things including drawings, photographs and digital prints. Ultimately, such a range of media is the result of pursuing a view of art as a formative vehicle and a body of work as a series of ideas pursued in different media where the materials of the actual become materials for the possible.