A Memory in peril

A memory in peril is a compilation of works in response to the current reality that is affecting my native land. These drawings are visual testimonies of the social, economical and political deterioration that is eroding Venezuela. The fundamental preoccupation at the core of this work is the lack of empathy that pervades public life leading to conditions of increased brutality. It is an attempt to offer a voice to the unheard; it is about the people and their humanity in times of adverse reality. These pieces were slowly conceived as direct response to testimonies of family and friends. They are an attempt to offer a collective experience of struggle and perseverance. They address the shared vision of humanity through their meticulous execution and their material vocabulary. Making an impacting art object takes time. There is power to this process that progressively embeds the content into the work. There is a correlation between spending a long time producing the work and the intimacy in the act of looking. Art should be considered a way of thinking through an image, a testimony of a life lived.