Ecos de la Memoira

Ecos de la memoria is an exhibition structured around a sensorial trajectory rather than organized by media or chronology. Every piece developed itself as a direct response of my recent travels to Venice, Florence, Mexico, China and Barcelona.

The central preoccupation of this new body of work is the mystery of being in the world and how one becomes aware of unpretentious moments in the visually stimulating nature of travel. All these works were slowly conceived as visual responses to small fragmented memories within the inventory of images collected. These unpretentious memories refused to stop echoing in my mind well after I returned home. They became irresistible haunting echoes longing to become testimonies of visual awareness.

As these sensorial reverberations transformed themselves into this new body of work I became aware that whatever happen to one self should be considered a resource material, all things have been presented to us for a purpose, and art should be considered a way of thinking through an image as a testimony of a life lived.