Poetics of Recognition

Poetics of recognition is an exhibition structured around a sensorial awareness. The central preoccupation of this new body of work is the visual reconciliation of the influence of living in the middle of the Great Plains. All these pieces were slowly conceived as direct visual responses to the ever-present feeling of this vast geography. These works are evidences of my personal experiences suggesting clarifications through visual mesmerization in the search of the quotidian sublime. Over the years, the pristine emptiness of the sky and the vastness of the prairie became irresistible haunting images longing to become visual testimonies in response to this new awareness. As these sensorial reverberations transformed themselves into this new body of work I became aware that whatever happen to one self should be considered a resource material, all things have been presented to us for a purpose, and art should be considered a way of thinking through an image, as a testimony of a life lived.